Famous Allopathic Medicines Use To Increase Pigeons Flying Time

After reading this article you can increase pigeon flying time. Most pigeon fancier of Pakistan and India use allopathic medicines to boost their low and highflyer pigeon’s energy. Mostly they do this during the flying competitions. It’s because they want to increase pigeon flying time and win the battle. For this purpose, they use anti-histaminic and anti-depressant drugs. Most commonly are Avil, Motival, Modrin, Deltacortril, Zanax, etc. Some of these are described here briefly.


Pfizer Pakistan Limited is producing Xanax tablets in Pakistan. Available in .25 mg .5mg and 1 mg tablets.The active agent in this drug is Alprazolam used for the treatment of anxiety, anxiety combined with depression. Pigeon fanciers also use these tablets as correspond to Deltacortril.



Deltacortril :

Pfizer Pakistan Co produces Deltacortril tablets. Presently sold as 5 mg tablets that contain Prednisolon 500 mg as an active ingredient. It is an anti-allergic and anti-histaminic for human beings. This product is also famous and well known among pigeon fanciers. 1/2 tablet is given per bird midnight by most fanciers.  Some fanciers use it with Motival and Avil injection. 1/2 of Deltacortril tablet, 1/8 of Motival tablet, and three drops of Avil injection. Administration of these drugs in a capsule at midnight given good results.


Avil is the most commonly used allopathic drug to increase pigeon flight. It is available in tablet and injection form. Pigeon fanciers of Indo-Pak mostly use 25 mg tablet. Some of them also use Avil injection for animals in a 50 ml bottle. Fanciers recommend 1/8 of a tablet per pigeon and only two drops from a 50 ml bottle per pigeon. It is given 15 minutes before releasing the pigeon. Some pigeon fanciers used it 8 hours before the time of releasing the pigeon.


Bristol Mayer Squib Co produces Motival tablets. This human drug is prescribed as a short term treatment of patients suffering from anxiety and depression. Each tablet contains Nortriptyline 10 mg and Fluphenazine 5 mg. The former is an anti-depressant and the latter acts on the central nervous system. Most of the pigeon fanciers of low and high flyer pigeons use it to increase their pigeon’s flight.1/8 tablet is administered to each pigeon about 15 minutes before releasing the birds, along with 1/8 Avil tablet, dissolved in 5 ml of milk. Some fanciers provide 1/8 tablet per bird at 10 PM night before fly day.




Modrin tablet contains the same chemical agents as Motival and is prescribed for specific treatment of depression associated with anxiety. However, the tablet contains 10 mg of Nortriptyline Hel and 1 mg of Fluphenazine Hel.
Dose and time of administration of Modrin Tablet vary with the fancier using it but correspond roughly to Motival.


In Pakistan, this drug is imported from China. It is produced and marketed as 1.5 ml ampoules containing Nikethamide 375 mg. Nikethamide is a human drug that is prescribed in acute respiratory failure. Acting on the central nervous system increases the respiration rate. It is administered to pigeons along with the chemicals mentioned above. Nikethetamide is not harmful to pigeons if used moderately.



Novartis Pharma Pakistan Limited produces Ritalin 10 mg tablets. Methylphenidate Hydrochloride is an active agent in this drug. Most of the pigeon fanciers don’t know about this medicine. Administration of 1/6 tablet per pigeon before 8 hours of flight provides a good result.



GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited produces Piriton 4mg tablets. It contains 4 milligrams of chlorphenamine maleate. Piriton uses for the treatment of allergic conditions. Its start works within 30 minutes of administration and remains active for 8 hours. Most of the low flyer pigeon fanciers use this tablet to increase their pigeon’s flight. Mostly they use 1/2 tablet per bird five minutes before releasing.

Word Of Caution:

All drugs should be tested during the training flys to see their effects and determine safe and correct dosing to avoid disappointment and losses. It should also be ensured that the pigeon given these drugs are provided adequate energy through feed-ups to sustain the increased fly time so induced. Otherwise, there are bound to be heavy losses. Should not mix the liquid form of drugs with solid/powdered form to avoid chemical action. Anti-allergy and anti-histamine drugs, especially those that cause drowsiness, should be administered before midnight so that pigeons can benefit from complete rest.

Hope this article is useful and informative. And will increase your knowledge about pigeons. If you want to ask any questions about this article, feel free and leave your comment in the comment section.


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    its informative post and highly apprecaited. i have a question , if i want to make a medication for increasing flying time for 8 pigeons, then how much ml water i need to put in? if i use motival 1 tab + avil 1 tab + deltacortil 1 tab + methicobal 1 tab. and i have one more question , methicobal is any multivitamine so can i use it along with steroid?
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    mera ik sawal hai, ager parwaz brhany k liye 8 kabutro k liye medicine bnana chahu to mujy kitny ml pani dalna pary ga? motival 1 tab + avil 1 tab + deltacortil 1 tab + methicobal 1 tab. mera dusra question ye hai k kya multivitamine in steriod k sath use kar sakty hain?

    • W salam. Article pasand karny k liy bay had shukriya. 8 kabotron k liy aap nay jo tablets ki miqdar likhi hay. Pehli baat to yeah hay k yeah miqdar ziada hay. Jab kabotron ko aap yeah tablets parwaz main azafa k liy istaimal karwaty haien. To pehly yeah daikhain k aap k kabotron ki sehat is qabil hay ko wo in ko bardasht kar sakein. Agar to wo is qabil haien. to phir in tablets ko istaimal karain. Otherwise aap ko nuqsan ho ga. Jahan tak aap ka yeah sawal hay k pani ki miqdar kitni ho. To wo aap kam say kam 8 kabotron k liy 16 ml or ziada say ziada 40 ml istamil kar sakty haien. 16ml hay to har kabootar ko 2ml day dain. Or agar 40 ml hay to har kabotar ko 5 ml day dain. Multivitamin zaror istaimal karny chahiey. Kionkey kabotar k pass extra energy ho gi tab he wo extra parwaz day ga. Nahi to in tablets ki wajah say zaya ho jay ga.

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