High Flying Pigeon Medicine For Racer And Flyer Pigeons

This article introduces some very special and effective High Flying Pigeon Medicine. Represent here a total of four important pigeons flying medicine. All these do not contain any chemical preservatives and were developed specifically for the performance of pigeons.

Tollisan Prange Suppe 1000 ml

PS Prange Suppe is a unique High Flying Pigeon Medicine. It contains a variety of natural vegetable substances. Prange Suppe saw to be completely safe and not have any element classified as a drug or doping. This medicine is specially prepared to stimulate energy and power in the pigeons during the flight. As a result, your pigeons perform well. PS Prange Soup’s unique formula makes him a big secret of pigeon flying sport. They bristle with strength and show it by an irrepressible joy in flying.

Other Uses Of PS Prange Suppe

PS Prange Suppe promotes health and enhances performance. After the spring uses Prange Suppe into the water daily for three weeks – the pigeons end up in great shape and top condition. Use Prange Suppe all year round in small doses during the molt and winter periods. Of particular value in the mix is a muscle-building substance, from which the vital combination obtains an enormous effect.

How To Use And Dosage

It is sufficient to give PS Prange Soup 2 or 3 times per week via the water. Mix 15 ml of PS in 1 liter of water. Mix 10 ml of PS in a half-liter of water and provide 20 ml to each pigeon day before and day of competition. Spring cure before the racing season, 15 days daily 15ml into 1 liter of drinking water. Many top flyers and breeders have had outstanding national and international successes with this approach.


PS Prange Suppe contains Fodder pomace (cooked, filtered), sugar beet syrup, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium salts of organic acids.

Price And Packing

available in the packing of a 1000 ml bottle. The price of PS Prange Suppe is 69 dollars.


BelgaVet Speedy Elixir 750 ml

Speedy Elixir is a hundred percent natural High Flying Pigeon Medicine. Well known to stimulate high-level results. The use of Speedy Elixir during the flying season increases speed and stamina. It is an Essential
Pre-Race Boost for Racing and flyer Pigeons. A natural supplement when energy demands are at their highest. An extract of hone and herbs develops to enhance the performance of racing and flying pigeons.


BelgaVet Speedy Elixir contains Honey, plant extracts, Hyssopus, Elenterococcus, and Echinacea.

How To Use And Dosage

The use of Speedy Elixir is simple. Two to three drops in the throat before flying for training or competition.

Price And Packing

BelgaVet Speedy Elixir is in liquid form and available in the packing of 750ml bottle. Also available in the packing of 50 ml dropper. The price of a 750 ml bottle is 116 Dollars.


BelgaVet Energy Drink BVP 1000 ml

Energy Drink BVP is a High Flying Pigeon Medicine used by the famous pigeon fancier. Provides the final push to flyer and racer pigeons. Its Increases resistance in flight, optimizing the conversion of carbohydrates. As a result pigeon’s body will have more energy for a longer time. Most powerful and unique energy drink among the
other pigeon’s energy boosters are available in the market.


Energy Drink BVP contains, Glucose, Dextrose, Saccharose, Sucrose, Caseinate, Lactose, Mannitol, and Sorbitol.

How To Use And Dosage

Mix three teaspoons or 15ml Energy Dring in half a liter of water. Allow the pigeons to drink it the day before basketing and the day after basketing.

Price And Packing

Available in liquid shape in the packing of 1000 ml bottle. The price of a 1000 ml bottle is dollars 15.


De Reiger Elixir 1000 ml

A resulted in high-flying pigeon medicine for flyers and racer pigeons. Rich in minerals and trace elements. provides optimal conditions for the competition. The use of De Reiger Elixir Increases the resistance and
provides the optimal fitness for the competition. Also Very beneficial during molting and useful for the growth of youth.


It contains iron, iodine, minerals, trace elements.

How To Use And Dosage

In Racing season 10 ml De Reiger Elixir for one liter of drinking water two to three times per week. When pigeons are in molting one tablespoon per three liters of drinking water two times per week. For more strength and resistance give during five days one soup spoon for 1 liter of drinking water.

Packing And Price

Available in liquid shape in the packing of 1000 ml bottle. The price of the De Reiger Elixir is dollars 35.

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