Pigeon Energy Boosters Prowins Energy Boost Capsules And Prowins Super Elixir B12

Pigeon Energy Boosters

Pigeon fanciers around the world are looking for something to enhance their pigeon’s flight. There are plenty of Pigeon energy boosters available on the market. All of these are used to increase the flight of pigeons. They provide extra energy to the pigeons. And pigeons increase their flight. In today’s article introducing two Pigeon Energy Boosters named Prowins Energy Boost Capsules and Prowins Super Elixir B12 Syrup.

There are many products on the market to provide extra energy to pigeons. Prowins Energy Booster goes a little further. They manage to increase energy reserves and releasing this energy gradually, as the body needs it. In this way, the pigeons have energy for longer, increasing resistance in flight and delaying the onset of fatigue.

Prowins Pigeon Energy Boosters Capsules

Ever best energy boost capsules for high flyer, low flyer, and racer pigeons. Prowins Energy Boost Capsules, an excellent source of providing energy for flyer pigeons. As result, pigeons increase their performance and show extraordinary results in competitions. It is the latest-generation formulation, focused on increasing the energy reserves of the pigeon’s body. It increases resistance in flight and delays the onset of fatigue.

How Prowins Pigeon Energy Boosters Capsules works

Prowins Pigeon Energy Boosters Capsules manage to optimize and improve the conversion of carbohydrates. Its Also stabilizes this conversion, so that the energy is released gradually. In this way, with Prowins Energy Booster, you will get your pigeons to fly faster for longer.

What are the benefits of using Prowins Pigeon Energy Boosters Capsules?

Have extra energy contribution. It Contains high-quality carbohydrates. Increases resistance in flight, optimizing the conversion of carbohydrates, gradually releasing the energy released. This means that the pigeon’s body will have more energy for a longer time. Delays the onset of fatigue, allowing the pigeon to fly faster for longer.

Prowins Energy boost Capsules Improves and shortens recovery after flights, thanks to the contribution of electrolytes and probiotics, which help keep the intestinal flora in balance. Protects muscles, helping to prevent muscle cramps during flights.

How To Use Prowins Pigeon Energy Boosters Capsules

For best results in the flying competition. Ensure that the energy reserves will be at their maximum on the day of competition. Must provide Prowins Prowins Energy Boost Capsules within the last three days before the competition. Provide one capsule a day per pigeon.

Composition Of Prowins Energy Boost Capsules

Prowins Energy Boost contains Probiotics, Combined electrolytes, Magnesium, Vitamins of group B and C, and High-quality carbohydrates.


Prowins Pigeons Energy Booster Capsules are available in the packing of hundred capsules. If someone interested to buy this product please visit his nearest pigeon medicines store.


Prowins Super Elixir B12 Top Quality Pigeon Energy Boosters

It is a powerful stimulant that increases endurance in high flyer, low flyer, and racing pigeons. A product based on pure vitamin B12. Specifically developed to stimulate and increase endurance in flyer and racer Pigeons. It focuses on improving the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, providing an extra dose of energy. And  Pigeons increase their flight and show the best results in competitions.

How Prowins Super Elixir B12 works

Prowins Super Elixir B12 not only provides extra energy but is much more. It is enriched with Magnesium. Promotes muscle function and prevent muscle problem during the flight.  Also enriched with Phosphorus, which further enhances the effect of vitamin B12. These things make him the best Pigeon energy Boosters.

Benefits to using Prowins Super Elixir B12 as Pigeon Energy Boosters

First Benefit

Prowins Super Elixir provides an extra contribution of energy for flyer and racer Pigeons. Vitamin B12 is directly involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Therefore it has a direct relationship with the production of energy for the body. Prowins Super Elixir B12 favors this metabolism. Providing extra energy. This leads to increased endurance in flight. Delayed onset of fatigue. Therefore a considerable improvement in the flying competitions.

Second Benefit

t increases the production of red blood cells. The result is better oxygenation of the blood and therefore an increase in flight resistance. It has a very positive effect on the nervous system. It favors the growth of the chicks; Vitamin B12 directly affects lipid metabolism, which has a very favorable effect on body growth. the use during the breeding of Prowins Super Elixir B12 will favor the growth of the chicks and will be an excellent preventive of cases of rickets.

Third Benefit

Protects the liver and helps detoxify the body. It also favors fertility, increasing the percentage of hatched eggs. Vitamin B12 is essential for chick embryos to acquire greater energy and vitality and thus get out of their shells. Moreover, Vitamin B12 has a stimulating effect, increasing the desire to mate. Also provide excellent results if used after treatments with antibiotics, vaccinations.

How to use Super Elixir B12 Pigeons Energy Booster

The normal dose is 15 ml Super Elixer B12 mix with a liter of water.  Provide this water for 2 consecutive days before the flight. If you are using this water for breeder pigeons. Use it twice a week. After treatments or periods of illness, three times a week.


Super Elixer B12 Pigeon energy booster contains Copper, Zinc, Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B5, B4, B9, and Pure Vitamin B12.


Super Elixer B12 Pigeons Energy Booster is available in 250 ml and 500 ml bottles. If someone interested to purchase this product can visit his nearest Pigeon Medicines Store.





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