Pigeon Flying Medicines Final Fond And Final Sprint

Final Fond By Pigeon Health And Performance

Final Fond is powerful pigeon-flying medicine. Manufactured by pigeon health and performance. Use of Final Fond before the competition differentiating energy for the flight. Stored in the pigeon’s muscles and used during flight. Final Fond ensures optimal endurance & performance during the flight. Pigeon health and performance Final Fond is an important nutrition supplement. Use of this pigeon flying medicine before the competition. It increases the endurance, recovery, and general performance of the pigeons. The energy is stored in the muscles of the pigeon during transport and used during flight.

The unique formula of Final Fond provides carbohydrates and proteins.  Which are essential for transporting fat into the cells for extra energy. In addition to this, the fat burned off causes a snowball effect. Intense burning of fat means first and foremost a higher energy production. This extra boost sharpens the endurance of the pigeon’s muscles. The muscles draw a significant part of their energy from fat. Final Fond plays a crucial role here in the endurance exercise for pigeons.


Final Fond contains Methionine, Lysine, Natrium, Crude ashes, Dietary fat, Crude protein, Fructose, and Maltodextrin.


One teaspoon of Final Fond mix in half a liter of water. Provide 10 ml to each pigeon at 11 pm. Again provide the same quantity in the morning an hour before the flight.


Final Sprint By Pigeon Health And Performance

Final Sprint is the most powerful energy Booster for flyer pigeons and will make your pigeons deliver a top performance. The use of Final Sprint increases energy, endurance, and general performance. It stimulates an increased activity that suppresses fatigue. The unique formula of Final Sprint is specially developed to increase pigeon’s performance during competitions. Final Sprint increases the energy level of the pigeon rapidly. It’s because the pigeon spends a substantially longer time flying.


Its unique composition contains Dextrose, Maltodextrine, Fructose, Crude protein, Dietary fat, Crude ashes, Lysine, vet E ensures the release of additional fats. Consequently, intense burning of fat will take place and will cause an extreme energy boost.


Mix one level measure of Final Sprint with half Liter water. Provide 10 ml to each flyer pigeons at 11 pm and again the same quantity in the morning an hour before releasing the pigeons. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Because it is a very powerful supplement.


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