Pigeon High Flying Medicine Speed Plus Winning Tonic B12 Elixer

Pigeon High Flying Medicine

This article is about the three most used pigeon high-flying medicine. Speed Plus Powder, Winning Tonic, and B12 Elixer are products of Medpet Company. You are a pigeon fancier. And Participate in different pigeon flying competitions.  Pigeons are not performing as well as other fancier pigeons.  Try to these three above said pigeon high flying medicine. Pigeons will also increase their flight. And you will be on a victory stand in the upcoming competition.

Speed Plus Medpet Pigeon High Flying Medicine

Medpet Speed Plus Powder is used to increase pigeons flying time. Pigeon fanciers around the world are using this unique product for winning pigeon flying competitions. It is a megavitamin B complex powder that enhances the performance of flyer pigeons during flight. Speed Plus is a well-known pigeon high flying medicine that increases the performance of pigeons. For extraordinary results combined with a high-fat diet.

How Speed Plus Works

Speed Plus enhancing performance by converting fat energy reserves to a sustained supply of utilizable energy for flight muscles. Aids in improving endurance by improving energy provision to the muscles. Provide extra strength to the flyer pigeons. Speed-Plus shortens the recovery time after the race and limits muscular damage.

Composition Of Speed Plus 

Speed Plus Powder made from the purest grade ingredients. It contains Vitamin B12, B15, B6, B2, and B1. With L-Carnitine and Nicotinic Acid.

How To Use Speed Plus Powder 

You can use Speed Plus added to the drinking water. In 1 liter of water use one gram Speed Plus powder and provide this water to your flyer pigeons. Start using Speed Plus Powder three days before starting the race.

Packing Of Speed Plus

Medpet Speed Plus Powder pigeon high flying medicine is available in the packing of 200 grams powder tube.


winning tonic By Medpet Pigeon High Flying Medicine

Another top-class pigeon high-flying medicine produced by Medpet Company. Winning Tonic is a well-known vitamin tonic, formulated by the legendary Piet Schoeman. Vitamin supplement winning tonic to enhance the performance of the flyer pigeons. Regular use of this pigeon’s flying medicine will boost your pigeon’s performance.

How Winning Tonic Works 

The winning Tonic formula provides extra energy to the flyer pigeons. Boost the energy level and gave strength to their muscles. As a result, flyer pigeons fly more than as usual. Provide extra time of flight and won the competition.

Composition Of Winning Tonic

Medpet Winning Tonic contains Riboflavin as Vitamin B2.  Nicotinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Thiamine as Vitamin B1. And Cyanocobalamine as Vitamin B12.

How To Use Winning Tonic 

Use Winning Tonic with water. Mix 5 ml winning Tonic in 250 ml of water. Provide 10 ml to each flyer pigeon three days before the competition.

Packing Of Winning Tonic

Winning Tonic is available in the packing of a 500 ml bottle.


B12 elixir By Medpet 

B12 Elixier is a very high-quality pigeon high-flying medicine. Specially formulated for use in the high flyer, low flyer, and racer pigeons. During pigeon flying competitions. Only the purest Vitamin B12 is used for preparing this product. There fore B12 Elixier is an important pigeon high flying medicine. The use of B12 Elixer provides extra energy to the flyer pigeons. Enhance their performance. Pigeon’s show performance and won the flying competition.

Composition Of Winning Tonic

High potency, Vitamin B12. Only the purest Vitamin B12 is used in the formulation, and therefore a very high-quality pigeon high flying medicine.

How To Use B12 Elixier 

Add 10 ml of B12 Elixier per 250 ml of drinking water for three days before the flying competition. For Good results 1 ml B12 Elixier with 4 ml of water in the morning on the day of the flight.

Packing of B12 Elixier

B12 Elixier by Medpet is available in the packing of a 500 ml bottle in liquid shape.


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