Pigeon Long Flying Medicine Victory Power Pills And Stamox Vet

Victory Power Pills 3000+ Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

Pigeon fanciers around the world are always in search of pigeon long flying medicine. As every pigeon, fancier know vitamins are necessary to increase the energy of pigeons. Victory Power pills 3000+ are energy and resistance supporting vitamin preparation, containing vitamins, ginseng, and ribose. Victory power pills 3000+ provide pigeons top-class mental and physical honor that is essential for victory.

How It Works As Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

Victory Power Pills concentration of all feedstuff like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It improves the function of the intestines and helps against tiredness and stress. Ribose has an extremely high energetic value. There is a surprising improvement in endurance. it improves the physical condition. Ginseng extract is a natural stimulating substance improving power, increasing resistance, and stimulating the muscles. Ginseng extract enhances the urges of mating, builds up physical condition, and accelerates the recuperation power.

Ingredients Of Victory Power Pills

Victory Power Pills 3000+ contains Ginseng extract, Chlorella, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6  B12.

How To Use It As Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

Recommend to give 1 pill the day before the flight and 1 pill half an hour before the flight.

Packing of Victory Power Pills

It is available in the packing of 150 pills bottle.


Stamox-Vet 200 gram Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

Stamox Vet is a superb pigeon long flying medicine. Pigeons fly faster, and it also increases the endurance of high flyer, low flyer, and racer pigeons. It is the first pigeon long flying medicine approved by the Olympic Committee. A superior pigeon flying product completely safe and does not contain any substance classified as a drug. First of all, this product tested on human athletes, racing horses, and find excellent results. Now it is tested for pigeons with great results. Pigeon fanciers all over the world are using this product as pigeon long flying medicine now a day.

Natural Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

This product is made from red beetroots only. Stamox is a hundred percent natural food supplement without any artificial changes. And produced according to a patented method to reserve the beneficial micronutrients. The quality of the beetroot powder is essential to get good results from pigeons. Stamox is standardized on the essential nutrition values and gives the pigeons a best competitive edge. With Stamox Vet normal flyer pigeons increase their performance and become the champion.

Benefits of Stamox Vet as Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

Improve focus and mental alertness and increase the utilization of oxygen in the cells. Use of Stamox Vet Increase pigeon speed and improve endurance. Also increase the willingness to exercise, and the blood supply. Improve focus and mental alertness and increase the utilization of oxygen in the cells.

How To Use Stamox Vet As Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

For good results last 2 days before flying give 1 teaspoon of Stamox Vet per liter of drinking water.


Stamox Vet is available in powder shape packing of 200 grams.


Probac Energy a Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

Probac Energy is an ideal source of energy before the race. The pigeons get all the essential nutrients for the race, and they reach their top form. The breast meat is free of dandruff and beautiful pink color. insures top fitness prior to the competitive flight and prevents infections. Probac Energy is the ideal energizer for the flyer pigeons prior to competitive flight. It should therefore always be administered when utmost physical performance is demanded of the pigeons. During the flying season.

Ingredients And How It Work

Probac Energy contains all of the essential nutrients such as amino acids, minerals, and trace elements, specially balanced for the lipid metabolism of the pigeon.  This unique composition makes Probac Energy an Extraordinary pigeon long flying medicine.

How To Use Probac Energy As Pigeon Long Flying Medicine

Probac Energy serves two days before the start of a race together with lecithin oil to be administered. In this way, the pigeons receive all of the essential nutrients needed for a successful competitive flight and reach their top form.


Probac Energy is available in powder shape packing of 500 grams tube.




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