Pigeon Medicine For Flying Turbo Flight Oil And Capsule

Pigeon Medicine For Flying

Pigeon fanciers all over the world are always in search of pigeon medicine for flying. They want these medicines to boost the energy of their pigeons. So, their pigeons perform well in flying competitions. Nowadays, so many products are available in the market. The question is, which is the best pigeon medicine for flying. Today’s article is about Turbo Flight Oil and Turbo flight capsules. Two best pigeon medicine for flying and have extraordinary results.

Turbo Flight 500 ml Pigeon Vitality Product

A new and natural product discovery by Pigeon Vitality is Turbo Flight. The use of Turbo Flight provides extra energy to pigeons. Turbo Flight helps pigeons to increase their flying time during competitions. Background and motivation for the development of this pigeon medicine for flying that results of tests show during flight pigeons get energy from glycogen and carbohydrates in the bloodstream and those stored in the liver. And if we provide them an extra quantity of glycogen and carbohydrates. Then pigeons will increase their flying time.

Benefits of Turbo Flight

When someone using Turbo Flight for their pigeons during the competitions. His pigeons increase their speed and fly for more time. Turbo Flight as Pigeon medicine for flying contributes explosive effect on energy with less than 24 hours. 100% natural product without contraindications. Did not have any side effect.

How to use Turbo Flight?

Based on the experience from the field testing. Add one dinner spoon, Turbo Flight, to 500 grams of grain. Mix well. Make the Turbo Flight mixture the day before it is given to the pigeons. In this way, the oil is absorbed into the grain. Give the Turbo Flight grain mixture to the pigeons sixteen-hour before the competition. If the pigeons are not allowed to fly within 24 hours after the “Turbo Flight meal” they will use their added energy for fighting with each other.

Packing And Price

Turbo Flight 500 ml is available in the bottle of 500 ml. Price of the Turbo Flight 500 ml bottle is 48 dollars.

Turbo Flight Capsule by Pigeon Vitality

During pigeon flying competition if you want to treat individual pigeons. Then Pigeon Vitality have Turbo Flight
Capsule as pigeon medicine for flying. When pigeons flying they get energy for flying from storage fats and glycogen and also in the blood. So if you can add some extra fat just fifteen to sixteen hours before the competition. Then pigeons will fly for more time.

Turbo Flight Capsule Benefits

It is an energy-giving fuel. High energy easily adsorbed fat which goes into the blood. Increase pigeon speed during flight. Gave extra energy to the pigeon for flying more time than as usual. The use of Turbo Flight Capsule as pigeon medicine for flying boosts the energy of your flying pigeons. Must assure Race has to take place within 20 hours after application. Else the extra energy will be used for fighting in the loft.

How To Use Turbo Flight Capsule

The best quantity per pigeon is 1500 mg capsule. Give 1 capsule Turbo Flight to the pigeon fifteen hours before the flying time. Preferably combine it with a Rebuild Capsule for optimum speed and endurance. Only use the Turbo Flight capsule when the race takes place less than 20 hours after the administration of this product. Never give Turbo Flight after a race or during the week. It gives explosive energy and the pigeons will reach their peak performance before race day and use it for fighting with each other. And they may be without the needed energy when race day appears.

Price And Packing

Turbo Flight Capsule available in the packing of hundred capsules. The price of the packing is 36 dollars.

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