Pigeon Recovery Medicine To Recover Pigeon After Flight

Recup Fast Pigeon Recovery Medicine

If your pigeons are exhausted on arrival after a long flight. The best solution for recovering them is Recup Fast. With Recup Fast they will be fit again immediately. This pigeon recovery Medicine contains a revolutionary blend of proteins. Which stimulates the development of ultra-strong muscles. Improve protein synthesis. Reduce muscle waste and maximize performance. Recup Fast is the complete solution to be used after an intense flight. To ensure the quick recovery of your flyer pigeons.

How Recup Fast Works

The high-quality proteins in Recup Fast are absorbed very quickly by the pigeon’s muscles. These proteins also reduce catabolism in the muscles, which is an essential benefit during flight. The unique formula of Recup Fast contains the maximum amount of carbohydrates. Improve performance during flying competitions. It accelerates the restoration of muscle tissue and restores the nitrogen balance. Because of all the above Recup Fast is a superb pigeon recovery medicine.

Instructions For Use Recup Fast

Use Recup Fast immediately upon arrival after the flight. After heavy exertion or during recovery and after the last training, the day before flight.

Quantity And How To Use Recup Fast As Pigeon Recovery Medicine

Mix 1 level measure of Recup Fast with 250 ml of water. Shake well to obtain a good mixture with water. Allow the pigeon to drink this mixed water after the flight.

Composition Of Recup Fast

Recup Fast Contains Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, and Potassium Chloride. Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Fructose, and Magnesium Carbonate.

Packing of Recup Fast

Available in 250 gram 500 gram and 1 kg packing.


Beyers Recovery Pigeon Recovery Medicine

Preparation for the next flight starts immediately when the pigeon comes home from the previous flight. All of the pigeon’s body cells have to be restored to their natural balance. Recovery is a unique pigeon recovery medicine of Beyers Belgium to recover the pigeons after a long flight.

Ingredients And How They Works

Recovery Powder contains the main essential amino acids for pigeons. Such as lysine and methionine to boost the effectiveness of the proteins in the feed. To help recover quickly after a long flight. To meet the high protein requirements of pigeons feeding. Have guanidine acetic acid for faster recovery of the muscles that are affected by flying. Contains a wide range of vitamins B1-B2-B3-B12-C-E-PP. Minerals potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. Green tea extract supports the immune system. Lecithin ensures that fats present in the blood can be converted into energy more quickly and easily.

Dosage And How To Use

The best practice is when the pigeon arrived back from flight. Mix 10 grams of Recovery Powder in half a liter of water. Allow pigeons to drink this water. Make sure pigeons do not drink this water at once. Give this water to the pigeons to drink at short intervals. When the pigeon first digests the drinking water, then give it to drink again.

Packing Of Beyers Recovery

Available in 600 grams packing. Keep Recovery Powder in a cool place.


Reload by Beyers Belgium Pigeon Recovery Medicine

A pigeon recovery product from Beyers Belgium is called Reload. Reload is a Liquid solution with the essential amino acids, electrolytes, minerals, and trace elements. Fast (dextrose) and slow sugars (maltodextrin) as an energy boost when pigeons came back after a long flight. Reload pigeon recovery Medicine is the complete solution to ensure the quick recovery of your flyer pigeons.

Ingredients And How They Works

Have the essential amino acids for pigeons: lysine and methionine, which boost the effectiveness of the proteins in the feed, and glutamine, which is for the muscles and a food source for the intestinal cells.
It contains potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and minerals calcium, magnesium. This will help your pigeons to recuperate faster. Sodium selenite pentahydrate is a source of selenium. And selenium is an essential oligo-element in the diet and supports good metabolism. Other oligo-elements in chelate form zinc, copper ensure optimal absorption of the nutrients from the feed.

Dosage And How To Use

Mix 15ml of Reload with a liter of water. Provide your pigeons this mixed water when they came back after the flight. The best practice is to provide this mixed water to your pigeons entire flying season.

Packing Of Reload

Available in 1000 ml bottle packing. Keep Reload in a cold and dark place.


Electrolyt Pigeon Recovery Medicine

The electrolytes stimulate the pigeon’s recovery after the race. A well-known pigeon recovery Medicine by Beyers Belgium is Electrolyt. Suggested from the champion pigeon fanciers of the world. When Your pigeons are exhausted use of Electrolyte is guarantees perfect recovery after flights. The use of Electrolyte as a pigeon recovery product shortens recovery time. Pigeons fit in no time for the next flight.

Ingredients And How They Works

It contains potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and minerals calcium, magnesium. This will help your pigeons to recuperate faster when they came back after the flight. Rich in B vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6 and the essential amino acid methionine. Dextrose and sorbitol are work as energy boosts after a long flight.

Dosage And How To Use

Mix 5 grams of Electrolyte powder in 1 liter of drinking water Upon arrival back home. In case of high-temperature use the next day.

Packing Of Electrolyt Pigeon Recovery Product

Electrolyt is available in the packing of 500 grams in powder shape.


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