Pigeons Flying Time A Complete Method To Increase Pigeons Flight

Indigenous Flight Prescription.

Nowadays various energy boosters are available for increasing pigeons flying time.  Similarly, various medicines are also used to increase the flight of pigeons. But indigenous prescriptions ( Herbal Medicines ) have their own importance to increase pigeons’ flight.  In today’s article, I will tell you how to make a complete indigenous prescription. In this prescription, a pill is made using indigenous medicine to increase the flight of pigeons. Then the pigeon is given warm water. In this article, you will also find how to handle a pigeon when it returns home by flying under the influence of this prescription.

How To Made The Pills.

In this prescription, we will first make a paste using different indigenous medicines. And then, with this paste, we will make tablets the size of black gram. These pills we have to feed our flying pigeons at the rate of one pill per pigeon at night. The names and quantities of the indigenous medicines we will use to make these pills are the same as under.

Names And Quantity Of Herbal Medicines To Make Pills.

A hundred grams bottle of Dua’almsk Jawahar Dar of Qarshi or Hamdard company. Twenty pieces of silver foil. Ten pieces of gold foil. Half grams of saffron. Jawahar Mehra one gram and Kushta pearl one gram. First of all, put all the paste of  Dua’almsk Jawahar Dar in a Mortar and pestle. Then add saffron and mix them well. Mix the Jawahar Mehra and Kushta Pearls in the same Mortar and pestle and mix them well and finally mix the gold and silver sheets in them. Make pills equal to the black gram of the paste that you have prepared. And at ten o’clock at night, feed your flying pigeons one pill per pigeon.

Preparation And Use Of Warm Water.

We have to make warm water for our pigeons to drink after feeding the pigeons pills at ten o’clock at night. Take half a liter of water in a pot to make warm water. Take three black peppers, three Black Cardamoms, a three-inch piece of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of carom seeds, put them in half a liter of water, and put them on the stove for boil. Turn off the stove when there is less than 250 Gram of boiling water. Now mix two ML of boiled water with three ML  of plain water and give each pigeon five ML of water.

In the same way, half an hour before flying the pigeons in the morning, mix two ML of boiled water with three ML  of plain water and give it to each pigeon. Fly your pigeons at their flying time.  In Shaa Allah, your pigeons will increase their flight and came back home in perfect condition.

Recovery Method After Flight.

When the pigeons return home after completing the flight, so after the basic care of the pigeon, mix a lid of rose liqueur, a lid of fennel liqueur, and a lid of Gauzban liqueur in half a liter of water and allow the pigeon to drink it in minimal quantity.  And when the pigeon digests it, then let him drink as much water as he wants. When the pigeons have digested this drinking water properly provide them with feed. With this method, your pigeons feel fit and comfortable, and ready for the next flight. Sure, they gave you a hundred percent result in upcoming flights.

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