Use Of Herbs To Increase Pigeon Flying Time

For centuries several herbal chemical derivatives or some herb as much, use for the treatment of humans, animals, and birds. Pigeon fanciers of high and low flyer pigeons also use some herbs to increase pigeon flying time.

Herbs that increase pigeon flying Time:

Here we describe some essential herbs used by most of the high and low flyer Pigeon Fanciers to increase Pigeon flying time.


Camphor, called “Kafoor” or “Mushk Kafoor” locally, is the most widely used herbal product in Pakistan and India for increase pigeon flying time. This chemical can extract from the wood of the Kafoor tree. It is also produced artificially by treating Turpentine Oil with Hydrochloric Acid. Must keep Camphor in tightly closed bottles because Being highly volatile. Synthetic Camphor is purified by heating it in water in a metallic saucer.

The residue that floats on the surface is collected and stored in a bottle. Its application consists of placing a small quantity of this substance in a small empty capsule and feeding it to the pigeon 2 hours before releasing it in the morning along with 10 ml of water. Quantity of powder as much as could accommodate it on the tip of a typical wooden match stick. The herb-based drug makes the pigeon go to heights to find cooler media to spend most of its flight time.


Saffron called “Zaafran” or Kesar locally is another powerful stimulant used to color rice and other dishes in local medicine and increase pigeons flying time. It consists of female parts of the Saffron plant’s stigmas cultivated in Kashmir and colder regions of Iran, Spain, etc. Being quite costly, its fake or mixed substitute is quite common.

Although it is considered a mild stimulant, it is so potent that one or two straws dissolved in 10 ml of water are sufficient to make a high flyer pigeon go into invisibility very fast; and increase its fly time considerably. It is usually soaked in water in minimal quantity, with or without powdered dry Ginger, or boiled in it for a few minutes and fed at 10 PM the night before releasing it the next morning. However, like all stimulants, it proves harmful if the bird lacks adequate food reserves and stamina to sustain the induced and increased flight.

Use Of Dried Ginger To Increase Pigeon Flying Time:

Dried Ginger, locally called “Soontth” is also a perfect stimulant for increase pigeon flying time. Both the high flyer and low flyer pigeon fanciers of Pakistan and India use it for their pigeons. The same quantity of powdered Dried Ginger, Lesser seeds, Green Cardamon. Placed it on half an inch square piece of thoroughly washed sugar preserved Apple, crushed and made into a pellet rolled in silver leaf given to each pigeon at about 10 PM with 10 ml of water.

Use Of Ginseng to increase Pigeon flying Time:

Most of us are familiar with the miraculous extract of roots of a Chinese plant called Panax ginseng. This plant is famous for its rejuvenating and life-promoting properties. It improves endurance and vitality and reduces wear and tear of body tissues. The product called Ginseng is available in pure form and with Vitamins and Minerals. Because of the above-said benefits now a day pigeon fanciers use Gingsing to increase pigeon flying time. Results of Gingsing are outstanding to boost pigeons’ energy.

Cordyceps: “Super Ginseng”

Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus that grows on various Cockroach species at high altitudes of hills in Nepal, China, etc. They are also known as “Caterpillar Fungus”. A tonic prepared from this Fungus has remained in use in China since ancient times but has come to light and regular use once again, quite recently. The tonic gained popularity when Chinese race and track women athletes performed and excelled wonderfully in Germany’s international meets during 1993. Their coach attributed their extraordinary achievement to the use of an extract obtained from this Fungus. Chinese have considered it far better than the famous Ginseng, have labeled it as “Super Ginseng”. They believe it to be beneficial for the rejuvenation of older people. During recent
years it has become very popular as a sports supplement on account of its following outstanding qualities:

  •  Increases physical strength, stamina, and endurance.
  •  Highly efficient as an anti-oxidant and anti-fatigue tonic.
  •  Beneficial effect on the Lungs and Kidneys and, therefore, on the general health of the Pigeon.

If the Cordyceps helps create better human athletes, is expected to be very useful for our pigeons. The pigeon fanciers who know Cordyceps’ benefits use it to increase pigeon flying time and get extraordinary results. In China, and elsewhere, it is available as Cordyceps Cs4.

Black Pepper:

Black Pepper called “Kaali Mirch” locally and “Filfil Siyah” in Arabic. It is one of the most widely used herbal products in house-hold preparations also applies to Ayurvedic and Unani medicines. It uses a number of diseases and disorders, especially those connected with the Stomach. Its active agent is Piperine, a powerful stimulant that increases heartbeat and pulse rate.
Pigeon fanciers use it most frequently against many pigeon diseases and as a stimulant to increase pigeon flying time. It administers as a stimulant as such, powdered form or in the form of its extract with water. Some pigeon fanciers used it with Dawa-ul-Misk. Some use Black Peeper with Resins without seeds soaked in water to reduce its sugar contents.

Bishop’s Weed: “Omum Seeds”

Seeds of Bishop’s Weed or Omum Locally called “Ajwain” are also powerful stimulants for increase pigeon flying time. The usual practice is to soak 5-gram seeds in about 100 ml of water for about 6 hours or boil it for about 3 minutes. Administrate 5ml of this brew to each pigeon at 10 PM. Next day morning, release your pigeons. They must increase their flying time

Allopathic Medicine to increase Pigeon flying time




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