What does a baby pigeon look like

Pigeons come with a rotund body structure and a pair of lower limbs. They are commonplace birds as present elsewhere. On this account, pigeons are always in sight, thus accommodating both landscapes and the city area. Thus, the same goes for the baby pigeons. Being oviparous, i.e. egg-laying species, the female pigeon lays two eggs in a row. After approximately 18 days, the eggs hatch, and baby pigeons take their first peek at the world. Baby pigeons are tiny and soft to view. Are you interested in the appearance of baby pigeons? You have hit it right. Here you will find everything about baby pigeons. Keep reading to learn more.

The appearance of baby pigeons:

Baby pigeons are also known as squabs. The young squabs will be fully grown up within a week. Moreover, newborns feed on the milk crop and liquid diet for the time being. The parent pigeons feed the baby in the nest until it flies independently. They remained hidden in the nest and became adults in no time.
Consequently, baby pigeons spend a certain proportion of their lives in their hideaways until they mature. Ahead of all, the subject matter is how the baby pigeons look. We have come up with the very description of young squabs. Explore the details next.

1. Colour of newly-hatched squabs:

The young squabs are often rosy and mild-yellow in color. In addition, they may appear to be greyish or of rose-pink shades. Newly-hatched pigeons possess a definite pattern of patches throughout the forelimbs. The skin color is darker in the transverse section than the rest. The feet of baby pigeons are grey-slate in color. Beaks usually have a pinkish tint, although they can sometimes be dark. In short, baby pigeons are mere reddish blobs with a beak and limbs.

2. Size of baby pigeons:

Baby pigeons look like miniatures when newly-born. Later, they grow to some extent and develop into juvenile pigeons. Yet before that, they complete a growth cycle from naked to fledge in the nest. It is nonplus to predict the size of young squabs as they continue to develop. However, the average length of young squabs is estimated to be around 5cm.

3. Baby pigeons weigh:

Fetus pigeons, while residing inside an eggshell, weigh around 14gm. Right after hatching, the squabs appear to be very little-bitty and dainty. On the other hand, the weight of a newborn baby is not consistent at all, rather wavering off and on. Anyhow, the approximate weight of the squab is nearly 15gm. With the passage of 30 days, the baby pigeon's weight continued to change, along with its rapid growth. Following that, the bodyweight increased to 350 grams for a full-sized adult pigeon.


Summing it up, the baby pigeon mostly hides in the nest until duly fledged. Meanwhile, they appear to be bare fleshy minuscule. After a week of hatching, the pre-mature squabs open their eyes and then get up on the tiny limbs. The entire life cycle of a baby pigeon comprises a lot of structural fluctuations. Since they barely walk or fly, it is rare to see the young squabs.

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